PMPI is the fastest growing Psychiatric Provider Group, join us!!

Start date Feb 1st, 2020


Currently open Tele-Psychiatry positions:


1 Psychiatric NP's Adult and/or Child- Tele-Psychiatry Spanish speaking

1 Adult & Child Psychiatrist, Tele-Psychiatry

1 Adult Psychiatrist - For a Private Practice like per patient reimbursement model (see below)

Currently open In-person positions:

1 In-person Local Medical Director position - Inpatient and Outpatient and Tele-Psychiatry in Bakersfield, CA

(Board Certified and Spanish speaking preferred, but not a must)


Recently filled positions:


2 Adult Psychiatrists


2 Psychiatric NP's Adult and/or Child- Tele-Psychiatry 



PSYCHIATRIC MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS, Inc, a Physician owned and run professional group, and currently we are seeking FT/PT Providers that are interested in practicing TelePsychiatry in California.


- All our work is outpatient-based practice in clinics

- No ER, urgent care or on-call work (reducing your risks)

- No week-end work at this time


- A Professional group and not Locum or Staffing agency, with well organized clinical practice guidelines

- One of the largest such groups, with 1650 hours of active service per week


- Only a State of California practice, and we have our own tech help, oversight, training, front-line help, cross-coverage, and low-risk outpatient practice environment, that is the reason why most of the doctors that joined us since 2008 are still working with us!


- We are a Financially viable, Non-venture, and a debt free enterprise, meaning income reliability, and no defaults



You will find consistency of work, and the clinics you practice in are the clinics you grow in. Given the variability of work in community health centers (60%) and department of mental health (county mental health clinics - 40%), you can shift between one or the other, based on your preference, or practice in both changing the weekly pace of work. 

Once credentialed with PMPI you do not have to look elsewhere, you can change practice styles the way you want over the years. There is no need to change jobs over time since you would have a choice from current 92 clinics we service and additional  5 clinics we will be starting by the 3rd QTR of 2020. Mind you we are not Locum Tenens, and we expect only sincere career providers to join !

PMPI offers VERY competitive wages in many cases more than the traditional Psychiatry Jobs. TelePsychiatry job growth has increased 3 fold in the last few years and continues to do so exponentially. Now given the trends that are predicted as COVID-19 continues to affect the US Population we are already seeing a surge of applicants and clinics engaging us. 

Most of our current Psychiatrists are doing per-diem work with us (1099). Your income potential can range from

$ 150-165 an hour (1 Eval or 2 patient follow ups) for hourly work to up to $ 260 an hour, for per patient model like a private practice (2-4 patient visits).

As a Psychiatrist,


In our Community Health Center (CHC) clinics:

$ 260,000.00 to $ 396,000 or more/year based on 40 hrs a week and 50 weeks a year work (seeing 2-4 patients in an hour), an average income is running around $360,000 yearly. This is recommended for Psychiatrists who want to assume private practice like work, as income is based on efficiency and number of patients seen. 

We do have some CHC's which are on hourly models (rates mentioned below), but pace of patients is a little faster than DMH below. These clinics have routine low acuity patients referred by PCP's, or therapists in the system to stabilize them, or manage them. 


In our Department of Mental Health (DMH) clinics:  

With our rates for hourly work of $ 150 - $ 165 (for most Psychiatrists), Starting base is $ 150, then you add $ 5 ea for Boards, Spanish, Practice Experience. A typical Psychiatrist can expect $300,000 to $330,000 yearly for similar hours. This work is slower paced and patient visits are 1 hr for Psych Evals and 30 min for follow up Psych Visits.


Additionally In leadership positions, eligible to be on our Medical Executive Committee, problem-solving and taking initiative in starting new clinics, and taking on NP supervision extra income potential of $ 30,000 to $ 45,000 as a stipend is available for qualified candidates.


As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Nurse Practitioners: $ 70 to $ 85 hourly rate (Based on a scale and commensurate upon your training, Board Certification, Language Proficiency and Experience). Please arrange an interview to discuss where you would fall into the starting salary range. (NP range based on 40 hrs a week and 50 weeks a year work hours with above Psychiatric NP hourly pay range is from $150,000 to $170,000 yearly).


We will cover your Mal-Practice insurance as a group if you commit to 16 or more hours of work for us. In case you work 16 hours or less you will have to buy your own half time malpractice (half-time rates are generally half of the full-time practice rates).

There are limited clinics where hours of operation a day can be 10 hrs a day, you may inquire or prefer to be on a first come first serve basis to start work in those clinics. There is no weekend work available and no on-call is needed.



Psychiatric Medical Practitioners, Inc was incorporated as a California Corp in March of 2008. We started Tele-Psychiatry work in 2003.




American Telemedicine Association

California Telehealth Network


Parent Company - A CA based Professional Corporation


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