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Child Psychiatrist

Child Psychiatrist willing to see adult patients - 2 positions

Job description

Child Psychiatry - TelePsychiatry

PMPI has Full-time or Part-Time position's available for a BE/BC Child Psychiatrist Licensed in CALIFORNIA

Involves TELE-PSYCHIATRY. Since COVID-19 the demand for Tele-Psychiatry has much increased. You can practice from your current State of Residence. Candidate needs to be computer savvy, as all records are Electronic. Having worked in more than one EMR is a plus.

You will be providing care to child and adult patients remotely in co-ordination with a primary team which includes Nurses, Therapists, and a primary point of contact a Tele-Coordinator.

There is no on-call. High income potential, with consistent hours. Group now has 53 Providers and expanding. We provide services at 82 sites all over CA.

You will see routine Psychiatric patients with diagnosis of , Mood D/O's, Schizophrenia, Anxiety disorders, to refractory Depressive D/O, for Child Psychiatrists ADHD, ODD, IED/O, Mood D/O's. These patients are in Department of Mental Health Settings/Clinics.

Our current Providers decide and allocate one to two - 4 hour slots in a 8 hour work day. So you can work up to 8 hours each weekday to up to 40 hours a week. Newly graduated residents are welcome.


Provide psychiatric medication support services including initial evaluation and follow-up on patient’s as clinically indicated. Write prescription orders via e-prescribe or Fax Rx. Respond to messages and forms in a timely manner via EMR/EHR. Be flexible for cross coverage during other providers time off.


The ability to interact compassionately with a diverse population and work with at least one or more Tele-coordinator staff. Have out patient experience. Must be CA Licensed Physician, with a DEA certificate, in good standing in the State of California, in other States and in Past Practices.


Salary Range:
Ranges from $165 to $180 an hour for a starting Psychiatrist. Board Certified Psychiatrists are paid towards a higher rate on the scale, as are Child and Sub-specialized Psychiatrists. Experience changes starting rate. Most of our current Psychiatrists are doing per-diem work with us (1099). Most of our Psychiatrists have their own health insurance.


We will provide claims-made with tail malpractice insurance coverage for applicants wanting to work a minimum of 16 or more hours a week. As well as cover for your CA license and DEA if working Full Time.


To apply, please attach and send the following:

For a faster response e-mail, all applicants can expect a response back. You can also fax it to (661) 368-0826.


Medical Director PMPI


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Pay range: $330,000.00 - $405,000.00 per year

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