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Full-time or Part-time position available for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner* for Tele-Psychiatry from any State which has existing Laws allowing Tele-Health, for servicing CA patients as long as you have a valid CA - NP Lic and a DEA certificate.

(*Only Psychiatric Mental Health NP or Advanced Clinical Nurse Practitioners in Psychiatry need apply)

It is a practice in public setting work which can be done via Tele-Psychiatry. Need to be computer savvy, all records are Electronic. You will be providing care to adult and if experienced also child patients. High-income potential, low-stress job. You will see routine low acuity Psychiatric Adult patients with depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, rare schizophrenia, and for Children if experienced ADHD, IED/O, ODD, Mood D/o’s.


- History and Evals for Psychiatric patients, and perform appropriate initial workups and follow-up on patient’s issues as indicated. Psychiatric Medication Management.

- Write prescription orders, e-prescribe and/or fax/call in refills

- Be flexible for cross coverage during other provider time off

- Operate under Standardized Protocol


-The ability to interact compassionately with a diverse population.

- Must be a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - certified, with CA NP furnishing  License, CA DEA certificate. Certified Nurse Practitioner in good standing with the State of California, and past practices.

- We pay for your CA license fee, DEA Certificate, Malpractice insurance fees if you work a minimum of 24 hours.

- Base salary is an hourly rate of $ 75 and goes higher, and then based on your certification, and experience an additional $ 5 is added for each qualification, Spanish speaking PMHNP's are paid additional $ 5 an hour, if you travel at times to clinic sites we pay $ 5 an hour extra and pay for accommodation. After 1 year of employment and positive reviews, you can expect a $ 5 an hour raise as a retention incentive. The highest paid PMHNP makes $ 95 an hour based on above max criteria.

To apply, please send - Resume via e-mail to or fax it to (661) 368-0826.


Thanks - President PMPI

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $150,000.00 to @ 170,000 / year (for 50 weeks full time)

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