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We are a group of qualified, Board Certified and Board Eligible as well as Sub-Specialty Boarded psychiatrists licensed to practice medicine in the State of California.   

Our main objective is to provide psychiatric care to underserved and remote populations via HIPAA compliant, secure video conferencing equipment.  


In order to accomplish this, we contract with Rural Health Clinics and Rural and Semi-Urban Hospitals throughout California in order to provide the highest quality, evidence-based telepsychiatry services in concert with patient’s primary care clinicians. 




The Long-term goal is to improve access to psychiatric services to adults, children, and geriatric patient population by utilizing telemedicine access, limiting the access issues in patient care. 


PMPI is striving to increase access to all of Californian's without regard for their age, gender, geographic location, ethnicity, social situation, or past history. We are approaching all of the outpatient institutions that exist in CA including, Rural and Urban clinics, FQHC's, CAH associated clinics, VA programs, American Indian communities, Parole clinics, as well as Substance rehab clinics to achieve these goals.


PMPI wishes to link the providers to the patient. The driving force behind is 'access for all' and 'remove mental health stigma'. We welcome your suggestions towards these goals and impetus!



There is an imbalance between the need and the availability of mental health services. Lack of availability of Psychiatric care causes mental health underserved populations.


Underserved populations include:

1. People living in remote and rural areas (Health Professional  Shortage Areas--HPSA)

2. People living in poverty

3. People living with physical disabilities 

4. People living with debilitating mental illnesses that limit their movement in the general population

5. Generational gaps in the utilization of services

6. Gender-based, Cultural based and Age-based bias in the utilization of mental health

7. Underinsured communities. 

8. Populations affected by lack of parity of mental and physical health services.




Our Psychiatrist and mental health staff provide immediate psychiatric evaluation or consultation in contracted facilities where a psychiatrist may not be onsite or where patient demand has exceeded current medical expertise. 

We accomplish this with the use of secure live Video-conferencing equipment which allows real-time, face to face encounters between patients and our providers. 

This eliminates the geographic economic barriers that often stand in the way of receiving treatment.  


  • Full Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Evidence-based Psychiatric Medication Management

  • Pertinent Lab test for therapeutic drug monitoring and follow-up

  • EKG orders and follow-up, as indicated 

  • Psychiatric consultations to PCP and specialty care providers

  • Continuity of Care 





In our contracts with the clinics, we make arrangements for the clinic to bill for the specialty services our providers render. This makes it easy for providers eliminating the hassle of dealing with insurances. We invoice the clinics for the services rendered by you and assure a Net 30 payment (payments within 30 days of service) so that there is no delayed collections, payments, or accruing non-collections.  

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