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Healthcare Coordinator Position

Company: PMPI is a Tele-Health professional group operating in the field of Tele-Psychiatry. Tele-Psychiatry is an upcoming and innovative field of telemedicine. There is an ever-increasing need for medical assistants, healthcare coordinators, and clinic managers with knowledge of Tele-Health and we offer full time positions in this field. Upon successful completion of a 90-day introductory period applicants will be hired with full benefits.


Position: healthcare coordinator, clinic manager, with medical assisting work


Minimum education: Bachelor’s or Master's degree in the sciences, psychology, or healthcare


Interested candidates should have some experience in the medical related field, we will mentor, and train selected candidates in various functions of running the Tele-Psychiatry business in the Healthcare field. The job is a M-F 8-5 job amounting to 40 hours a week, rare overtime. PMPI is seeking long term employees with plan to live in greater Bakersfield area. We are not seeking temporary short-term employees but career oriented intelligent and hardworking individuals.


Salary: Competitive commensurate with education, skill set, and experience.


Benefits include: Health insurance – Medical, Dental and Vision for employee after 90 days of work, 401K plan and an additional company retirement plan after 1000 hrs of work with 5-year vesting period, yearly 6 sick days, 6 PTO's (paid time off) on accrual basis, which could be used towards Federal holidays days or sick days.


Essential Functions, Experience and Duties:


Understand how healthcare is imparted via Tele-Health.

  1. Monitor clinics allocated in regard to their efficiency, deficiencies, staffing changes and needs, and assist the low performing clinics for improvement.

  2. Monitor work of providers by reviewing their notes for community standards of practice, quality, and timeliness. Assess their promptness in responding to urgent and non-urgent messages in the EMR


Assist providers when they are not efficient or when they start work as to familiarity of EMR, messaging, giving referrals internally, completing letters etc.


Expedite communication between providers, remote clinic medical assistants’ and patients, efficiently and accurately through the clinic’s EMR system. Provide prompt and professional communication over the phone, fax, e-mail, and in one-on-one conversations (HIPAA compliant communication).

  1. Identify the needs and support all PMPI HQ office positions by performing general office duties when needed - such as answering phones, reminder calls, checking faxes and voicemails, etc...

  2. Be attentive to and become knowledgeable of Pharmacology, Psychotropic medications and Diagnosis in the field of Mental Health to expand your own knowledge in the field.

  3. Help remote clinic MAs obtain medication prior authorization as required by individual insurance companies and to learn how to complete the necessary paperwork like patient forms, letters etc.

  4. Medical Spanish interpretation if bilingual: Assist doctors and nurses to serve non-English-speaking patients (Spanish speaking patients).


Expectations, Learning and Responsibilities:

●       Learn to work with minimal supervision efficiently and independently.

●       Maintain a professional appearance, demeanor, and presence.

●       Exhibit a positive attitude and be willing to function as part of a team.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

●       Skilled in critical thinking, active listening, and attention to detail.

●       Judgment and Decision-making skills.

●       Possess proficiency in computer and typing skills.

●       Ability to multitask in a clinical and administrative environment.

●       Ability to work at a computer, in a sitting position for extended periods of time.

●       Ability to take constructive criticism and apply it to improve self and office function, and to ask for help when needed.


Employee Evaluation: After a successful completion of a 90-day introductory period employees will receive performance evaluations executed by the supervising manager. Subsequent to those 6 monthly evaluations and recommendation for improvement starts.


Potential: PMPI is a growing professional group. We have plans for more growth in CA. PMPI is starting a similar franchise in NV and 6 other states shortly based on our existing platform. This leads to a potential for our employees for growth in salary, rank and position within the organization and its franchises. This has historically been the case with our senior employees. 

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