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COMPARE PMPI's average salary to the most highly paid State salary, PMPI would be in the 90th percentile for a Board-Eligible, Board Certified, or Bilingual Psychiatrist in the US.

See our JOBS page for our updates on Salaries and Rates


Dr. R, Dr. P, and NP A started in a small town working for PMPI, for many reasons:

- Working from home office avoiding the commute

- Desire to work not for administrators but to work in a professional group setting, in a company owned 

   by a physician, so that their practice styles and temperament would not be judged. 

- Quality of life

- Bigger city benefits as they could work remotely

- To settle in better air quality regions of the country

- For better schools for kids

- The decision to retire and work to sustain an income in addition to retirement

- To make more money than a traditional private practice or Psychiatry jobs

- To  avoid the hassle of administering their own practice or have oversight over collections 

So they decided to move to better locations. All they had to do is carry the equipment provided and set up shop at the new location and bingo! the same clinic, same patients, same schedule, all done without the hassle of any changes in jobs or travel or credentialing or interviewing, etc. 


That is the reason why PMPI providers have been working for the organization for years. We welcome you to talk to our providers to discuss their practice satisfaction and trends before you sign up!


A typical physician gets sued 3 times in their career. Luckily, Psychiatrist malpractice insurance is lower because we get sued less. But, how would you like to practice in a risk-free environment of managing patients only in the OUTPATIENT CLINICs that belong to clinic groups and agencies composing of Primary Care Physicians that you manage as a Consultant? If you so desire you can also practice in the Department of Mental Health Clinics to see severely persistently mentally ill. Emergency situations are handled by local personnel.  We only practice outpatient, not ER, Urgent Cares, or other high-risk environments unlike some of our competitors.  

Additional things you need to know:

For the practice of your TelePsychiatry Job, you have to know the basics of computers. This is needed for note taking in EHR/EMR (electronic medical records), e-Rx and Faxing Rx, and needed to keep your office (home office in most cases) paperless and separate & locked, in order to comply with HIPPA and protect PHI

You can practice from any of the 32 states that approve Tele-Psychiatry in the USA, as long as you are Licensed in CA. 


You leave the equipment operation, connectivity, and installation to PMPI, and our IT dept. If support or equipment technical issues come up you call our help desk.


EMR training for Providers is Provided by our Medical Leaders, as is ongoing support for that and problem-solving. The basic startup is provided by our office administrative staff. We are hands-on with you, unlike some of the other corporate Tele-Medicine companies!


If you move locations and have to re-install, it is our job to help you with settling up at the new location. YOUR PRACTICE MOVES WITH YOU!! Interestingly enough that has happened with 4 of our providers in our history since 2003 and they could seamlessly continue to serve the same communities and patients.


Installing VPN (virtual private networks) to the clinics, including HIPAA compliance where we set you up, is on PMPI. We require that minimum of HIPAA compliance is met at the office where you want us to set up your end of Equipment - there is a checklist of easily accomplished items which you can achieve within a week of signing on.


Marketing you to the new clinics, increasing your hours of work if you like the Tele-Psychiatry Job!, we do all of that for you!


You can COMPARE this to a Private Practice setting without the daily headaches of managing it. This is made possible with front-line support provided by our partners involved in patient care at the Tele sites including PCP's, NP's, Therapists and Tele-Coordinators. No Financial management, checking of billing and collections, or office managers needed, because PMPI is doing all that for you. Also the money you pocket is directly proportional to the hours you put in. 


Time to say GOODBYE! to the traditional Psychiatry Job and Private Practice and embrace the FUTURE of Psychiatry!! TELE-PSYCHIATRY

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